Aramid Reinforced Plastic Rod  (ARP)

Product Usage:

FRP is used as strength member as it provides high tensile strength & bending properties. The combination of Aramid yarn and a specific resin gives high tensile strength , low bending radius and light weight making it suitable for FTTH / Drop/Ariel cables.

Product Details :

ARP provides strength to the cable with low bending radius . ARP prevents cable buckling with high modulus. ARP is very light weight. Various length options provide flexibility & throughput on production floor.

Product Features :

lUsed as non-metallic strength member Flexible & low bending radius Light weight Low coefficient of thermal expansion as compared to FRP in a wider temperature range Prevents buckling Flexibility and ease in production Used for compact cable designs

Click here for Physical and Mechanical Properties of 0.40 mm ARP ROD

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